The Trouble With San Francisco

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San Francisco is undoubtedly one of the unique cities of the world. It’s aspirational cultural and outstanding natural landscape are really second to none.

I’ve also grown to love the way the city comes together. I love events like Bay to Breakers, Burning Man, and the other assorted festivals they have on the weekly.

That’s why it’s hard for me to experience the city now. The tech boom (and group think associated with it) has created a ton of issues that no one is openly acknowledging. So I’m going to go through them in the hopes of encouraging would-be transplants into maybe thinking twice…

Entrepreneurs Are Making a Mistake

The trouble with San Francisco is that it is out of balance.

What do I mean? Well, let me explain…

Nothing has changed...
Nothing has changed…

In 1849, the city was created over night on the back of the California gold rush.  And it seems, nothing has changed since then.

Today, thousands of tech wannabes are flooding the cities in droves. Driven by the group-think created by relentless marketing by VCs touting San Francisco as the mecca for making a software fortune.

The thing is that no experienced entrepreneur would move to San Francisco at the moment.

Why? Because hiring talented people there is impossible. Not nearly impossible, impossible. Really.

The big companies like Apple, Facebook, Alphabet, etc.. have massive HR engines designed to hook the best developers before they even learn to develop. That’s why they spend so much time nurturing Stanford students, etc.. Plus they have the bankroll to pay massive salaries with massive benefits.
Top level talent gone. 

After that, the thousand or so second tier companies like Dropbox, Github, etc..  are hiring Google’s rejects.
Second tier talent gone.

So what can you do as a small company or entrepreneur? Well, you can hire only tier three talent in the bay. Which might be fine, except these people think they are tier one talent.

Once hired, they will soon be complaining that they don’t have a pool in the office foyer and that you aren’t paying them the 3x market rate salary (+ stock options) their friend at Dropbox got.

Forget it!

The Trouble With Group Thinking

I liken the SF tech migration to what happens when you hit the ‘hot’ club on a Friday night…

Instead of having a great time, first, you end up spending your night waiting in line to get in.

Then once you get in, you spend your night crammed on the dance floor with a bunch of other dudes paying $30 for drinks.

While the whole time, the 5 girls in the club are at the tables of the guys that threw down $10,000 for a bottle of Absolut.

San Francisco has become much like this scenario. For entrepreneurs, SF is the ‘hot’ place to be.

Therefore, everything is about 2 times more expensive than it should be. Everything is more difficult than it should be.

Everyone acts like you owe them something, and the reasons you moved there never existed in the first place.

Such is the result of group think.

Issues With Demographics

Male to Female Ratio

Single dude distribution in SF
Single dude distribution in SF

Because developers tend to be men, there’s also a ridiculous amount of men compared to women.  I’ve grown used to going to bars and parties with literally all men. I once counted 39 people in a bar, and one girl.

As a single guy, this is not ideal.

This combined with the feminist/femi-nazi culture, really makes it painful for men and extremely out of balance. Some of the best looking and most successful dudes i know are borderline depressed from dealing with it.

For a laugh, read this article on ‘Founder Hounder,’ or read this analysis on the ratio issue.

The Homeless Issue

The boom in rent prices along with SF’s socialist culture has led to a massive issue with homeless schizophrenics on literally every block downtown. When abroad, people usually bring up the homeless before anything else when talking about the city.

This makes the city nasty in a lot of ways.

These people literally defecate and urinate all over the place. And no one is doing anything about it! In fact, my friend Greg Gopman tried to work to solve this problem but he was simply trashed by the bureaucrats and homeless SJWs (definition) that seem to really love the smell of urine in the morning.


So why did i write this article? Well, hopefully so people will think twice about joining in on this SF group think that is killing the vibe of the city.

I’m hopeful that once this bubble collapses, San Francisco will return to being a well balanced and beautiful city. Somewhere we can live and be happy.

Can’t beat the view from my room at sunset.

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