Introducing Fiction … A “Home” for Nomads

You are probably thinking, “What the hell is this Fiction thing you’ve been working on Andrew? It sounds like a book company or something; maybe you should get a job and get your life together…”

And while I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that, I promise we are doing something exciting.  Fiction is going to be a lifestyle platform for, what some are calling, the digital nomad movement.

But first the back story…

Fiction has been around for a few years, mostly as an ‘idea.’

In 2010, I used to host dinners in San Francisco with other entrepreneurs where we would discuss things like economics, ideas, and so on… at that time we decided to call those meetings ‘Fiction Dinners’  and that is when the basic idea took root.

Fiction was always about new ideas, thinking outside the box, and living a better, more interesting life.

It was just missing something, and that’s  when I heard about this thing called a ‘digital nomad.’

“Umm, so what the heck is a nomad?”

A nomad is essentially someone that forgoes ‘mortgage & lease’ life for a life unconstrained by possessions and needless commitments.

This movement is happening because the mobile revolution and better wireless connectivity have massively reduced the amount of friction associated with travel and the travel lifestyle.  And if you think about it, it just makes sense…

A few years ago I did the math and figured out I’d actually save money by traveling full-time plus I wouldn’t have to deal with my pain-in-the-ass landlord and $3000/mo apartment lease in the increasingly homeless ridden San Francisco.

I went fully ‘nomadic’ and that’s when I had a vision for the future.  I wasn’t crazy, lots of people were going to become nomads, they just didn’t know it yet.

You might say, “ya right andrew! I love having my own house, car, power tools and of course my vinyl collection…” Well ok, that’s great! But what I’m saying is that in the future you won’t need to ‘own’ a car, house and a bunch of random stuff, you’ll be able to rent them on demand. And it will radically simplify your life.

Good 'ol vinyl
Good ‘ol vinyl


“Alright, so what are you doing at Fiction?”

Fiction is still very much in development so we can’t discuss all the details and ideas we have for what it will become. What we can say is that we want it to become an online ‘home for nomads’ somewhere that you can meet new people, find new remote working opportunities and manage your travel.

With that, please sign up here and stay tuned for additional updates!